See your scars as proof that you made it…not evidence that you almost didn’t.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i love you Pictures, Images and Photos

That is all.
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Friday, November 27, 2009


Fate Pictures, Images and Photos

When it comes to matters of the heart, I honestly wonder if we have any say in it at all. Can we choose who to love or who to care about? Can we convince ourselves that someone is not the one, even if every fiber of our being is screaming that they are? If there is such a thing as fate, and some things are just meant to be, does that mean they’ll be easy? Should ‘fate’ take care of everything and bend time and space, no matter the consequences, to allow two people to be together?

Fate is a general them in all three of my books. Everything that happens in book one, sets up the events in book two and everyone you meet in book two, plays an integral role in book three, even though it is twenty years later. As a writer, forced to interconnect all these events, I am now more aware of them as I see them occur around me. But in real life, there aren’t always happy endings.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twilight addiction/fascination/obsession

Though I thought it had passed, I am slowly slipping back into my Twilight addiction/fascination/obsession. Don’t get me wrong, I never stopped being a fan and convincing everyone I held more than a two second conversation with to read the books, as they would change their lives, but I had passed the constant web browsing, daydreaming, and general distraction that it caused in my life for the first few months. Slowly, through fits of excitement over the movie, and gushing over listening to New Moon on CD, that behavior is seeping back into my life. I can’t help but wonder, is this what it’s like to be addicted to drugs? I crave it, the feeling of elation I get when I think of Edward and the rush of…we’ll call it adrenaline…I get when I see new pics of Rob.

My only comfort is that I’m not alone. I think I’m sort of the honorary president of our non-existing fan club with my circle of friends. They all come to me when they have new Twilight info. Pics/videos/articles. They all tell me immediately. Partly because they know I will want to know, and partly because they want someone else to have the reaction to said pics/videos/articles that they did. (I think, anyway)

“Why?” you ask. If you’ve never read the books then you need to. If you have read them and just didn’t 'get' it, get what all the fuss was about; let me break it down for you:

There are three kinds of people in this world.
1) Those who love Twilight

2) Those who hate Twilight (This doesn’t mean those that read it and thought it was ‘okay.’ They fall into category 1. This is for people that bash it online and say they hated it and didn’t get it)

3) The jerks that won’t even give it a chance. (Honestly #3 falls into a whole new category of stupid and that is another blog entirely…so we will focus on 1 and 2.)

People that love Twilight are passionate, loving people. They are able to step back from a situation, fictional or otherwise and appreciate its beauty. They are able to laugh at life’s funny moments and cry at the sad ones, not caring who may be watching for either. They are creative and insightful and tend to see the world in a rainbow of colors, rather than just black and white. I have never met a Twilight fan that I didn’t like.

On the other hand

I have found people that hate Twilight to be generally unhappy in their own lives and unable to find an inner peace that they have been searching for. They are closed off and find flaws with everything, make them up if they have to, so the rest of the world is as flawed as they feel on the inside. They have a hard time seeing the beauty in something that may not seem beautiful right away and are quick to relish in the misfortune of another. I have only met a handful of people that outright hated Twilight. I didn’t like, and do not speak, to any of them.

Those of you that know me, know that Twilight quite literally changed my life as it inspired me to write my recently published novel, ‘Emmy’s Song.’ The words were there, the story was there, but Twilight reached deep into my soul, in a place I hadn’t been to in a long time, and allowed harmony to flow through me and into the words on the page. I am now, and will remain for the rest of my life, a die-hard Twilighter and I don’t care who knows it.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Do you like my blog I ask today..try it and you may I say.

I am finding myself more and more inspired by Dr. Seuss. Though often silly and mismatched, his words always have a greater purpose, always a meaning in the end. How do you know you like something if you don’t give it a try? In the end, you should always do the right thing.. and so forth and so on. Life, as it turns out, is much like a Dr. Seuss book. Always a deeper meaning that I miss on the surface, always some greater purpose that I can’t seem to find until it’s too late. The thing about life, though, is that you can’t start over. You can’t go back to the first page and read it again if you messed up how many soxs sue has. So what can we do but try like hell to get it right the first time? And the even bigger question is how do we know if we got it right? Barring some major cataclysmic break in the universe, who’s to say if we messed up or if things are just running along according to plan?

I still believe in fate, don’t get me wrong. I’m just questioning her motives lately.

Dr. Seuss Pictures, Images and Photos
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Time To Protect The Children

As I sat, fretting over my book sales on Monday, a little child was losing her life. Somer Thompson went missing Monday while walking home from school. Her body was found in a landfill Wednesday afternoon. As of right now, we don’t know the cause of death or what happened to her. There may be another explanation. An accident, perhaps, and someone panicked, tossing her lifeless body in the trash. The conclusion I jump to however, is much worse. A week earlier, a car with two men and a woman tried to take a five year old girl but she refused and a passerby helped. Obviously there was no one there to help Somer.

I am enough of this crap. How many innocent, precious children are going to have to suffer before we as a society say, enough is enough. How many times will we hear the term ‘repeat sex offender’ before we realize whatever we are doing, isn’t working?

When I first moved to ‘the big city’ from Bryceville, I was the only child that lived in our subdivision. The bus refused to come into the subdivision so I had to wait on the main road. I began to notice the same car drive by every morning but didn’t think too much of it as there was a lot of construction still going on. Then one day, the car stopped. The male driver asked me a question and I leaned in to hear what he said. To my twelve-year-old surprise, he was naked and fondling himself. I screamed and he drove away. The bus came soon after and the police were called. He was apprehended the next day (on his way to my bus stop) and admitted to everything. He was sentenced to ‘probation’ and I never heard from him again. Do you have any idea how much worse that could have been? Do you have any idea how close I came to being one of those little girls?

This is my call for action. I have begun research online regarding school transportation and possible bus re-routes. I am starting a blog that will focus on mom’s that have to work, asking for help from those that are blessed and don’t, to make sure their children get to and from school/bus stop safely. I am going to research the current FMLA laws and inquire as to a provision to protect women who have to get their children to school in the mornings. I don’t know what else to do but something has to be done. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Please send me an email at if you are interested in getting involved.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Welp, release day was fun. And just incase you are wondering, Brad won the contest. I’ve been trying to finish up the second book, promote the first book, take care of my family, and do my regular job. It’s been pretty..interesting. The publisher wants to put Emmy’s Heart out 1/1/10 so this is the first time I’ve ever written with a deadline. It’s definitely a different experience. For instance, I should probably be writing right now. But as you can see, I’m not. I know what I want to say, I know what I want to happen, it’s just not flowing. In my defense, I have been very sick (upper respiratory infection and neck spasms) so that may have something to do with it. It could also be that I really want to finish up this other thing I’m working on called True North. It’s a shape-shifter thing..more middle grade. The main characters have just turned sixteen so it’s more PG than The Maldito Series.

Cameron has his friend spending the night..first sleep over. Good times.

That’s all for now.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Release Day to Me…

Yea, it’s finally here! :) In honor of my new release Emmy’s Song, I will be giving away a $15.00 iTunes Gift Card. It’s easy to enter. Just post a comment to this blog and tell me, If your life was a song, what would be its title? Like, mine would be ..Published Author, Oh Yeah…or something like that. To make it fair, I will not be choosing the winner. My friend/boss/brother Chris Pruitt will be picking the cleverest title. (He’s a tough critic so dig deep people!) You have until 11:59 pm to post a comment and I will announce the winner tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!

Oh, and just incase you are interested, here is the link to purchase Emmy’s Song! :)
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Reviews for Emmy’s Song

As promised, here are the first two reviews of Emmy’s Song. I am happy to say, I think they liked it. ;)

First Reviews for Emmy’s Song
~Provided by Howling Good Books

For all you Twilighters, you will love this tale. From the beginning I thought I knew exactly where this was heading. Girl meets boy, falls in love with boy, finds herself in mortal danger, boy rescues her from said danger. Well I was proven that even though I have read numerous books with those guidelines that that is not all there is to it. Though I wished for something completely out of the molding, I did enjoy the beginning to this series. I would recommend this to the older teen, due to some sensual moments.
~ Teen Reviewer

Emmy’s Song by Christy Trujillo intrigued me from the get go. As I read it started to remind me of Twilight, but with a slight Spanish flair that, to me, added a little more intrigue. I enjoyed the very differences that distinguished this from Twilight. For me it was less emo, maybe because the main female character seems to have her life planned out. She wants more out of her life than just to be part of a couple, she has actual plans. Her love and pride of her family also make Emmy stand out in my mind. I look forward to seeing more of the Maldito series, and hope to learn more of these interesting factions of Vampire Hunters in the future. Although the main characters are in High School and in their teens because of the sensual images within Emmy’s Song I do suggest this as a more mature young adult reader, 16 and up.
~Nicole, Owner, Howling Good Books
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday! (6 more days)

Published Author. Man, that just has a ring to it. I still can’t believe it. I keep waiting for my EIC to say something like, “Oh I’m sorry sweetie. We made a mistake.” But..they seem to still like it. I must say, it is a much better book than it was when I submitted it. Their edits have been amazing and the rewrites I have made truly bring the story to life. Is it going to win any awards? No, probably not. Is anyone going to bow to my amazing literary skills? Hell to the no. BUT, it is a good story and adding relevant music, noting actual song and musician has never been done before. (To my knowledge)

The reviews. Oh, I just don’t even want to read them. I honestly didn’t even think about that part when I thought it would be a good idea to give this whole publishing stuff a shot. I just keep telling myself, if Twilight got some bad reviews, anything can get a bad review, no matter how wonderfully life changing the story is. (Yes, for those of you that don’t know I’m a HUGE Twilight fan. I was a fan back before it was cool to be a fan, too. I used to get teased at work and everything..until I made them all read the books!)

The music. You know how something happens to you and you are caught in this moment and in the back of your head you hear a song that would fit perfectly? That is what happens to Emmy throughout Emmy’s Song and Emmy’s Heart. She constantly has a song on repeat in her head and it changes based on her circumstance. Here is the ‘soundtrack’ for Emmy’s Song.

“Bring Him Home” from the musical Les Miserables

“Life Is a Highway” written and originally performed by Tom Cochrane. Remade by Rascal Flats

“He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” words written by William Yeats

“When You Love Someone” by Bryan Adams

“In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

“Untouched” by The Veronicas

“The Air Force Song” by Robert MacArthur Crawford

Cale and Emmy’s song: “If the Moon Fell Down” by Chase Coy

“At Last” by Etta James

I hope you will give Emmy’s Song a chance. Starting 10/1, it can be purchased at:

Emmy’s Heart isn’t 100% finished yet so I am very open to suggestions on the story. If after reading Emmy’s Song you have a suggestion on the story send it over to I would love to hear your thought on the direction the story should go.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

love Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, I'm a little Emo. So what? ;)
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spooky Town

There is a town in Florida called Cassadaga. People travel from all over to visit this town. Not for a them park or a water park, nothing typical of the sunshine state. They travel to Cassadaga because it is a Spiritualist Camp where you can have your palm read, ora drawn, and cards dealt. About seven months ago a few friends and I decided to see what all the fuss was about so we packed up in a Honda CRV and headed down there. It was a fun trip, that’s for sure. We even had a theme song.. “Won’t you take me to..spooky town..” Haha, get it? Anyway, we get there and my friend Courtney pays for me to have a reading which I am thinking is a load of crap when I sit down with the lady. I like her right of the bat. She is funny and insightful. I feel like I am having a good conversation with a smart woman and getting good advice on my life. I still don’t believe she has said anything prolific. Then I ask her about my book. If I will ever get published. She immediately says yes. Now I’m thinking she is just trying to make me feel better because there is no way I will ever get published. She says the first one will be a flop. That it will get published but there will be something I write later that will speak to people. That will be my shining moment and then folks will come back to this book. She tells me to read The Shack, which is evidently about a man whose little girl is taken and murdered and then he goes to the shack where they find her body and talks to God. (I have a serious aversion to all that sort of stuff, it makes me sick to my stomach so I haven’t read that yet.) I smile, say thank you, and leave. Happy but not affected.

Well, here we are…and now I’m getting published. Dude. DUDE! Really, I didn’t think I would ever, ever, ever get published in any form. Kinda crazy. I guess I should read that book

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drum Roll Please…

I got the cover for Emmy’s Song last night and I love, love it! I believe you can see it if you look to the left of these words. :) I am excited/shocked/overwhelmed and the dang thing isn’t even available to purchase yet!

So many wonderful folks helped me through the writing process that I truly feel they deserve some recognition. So here it is.

Sarah – Thank you for being the awesome friend that you are and letting me use your name. “It was you, you know. Everything good about me was you.” I meant it when I wrote it and I mean it now. I love you Pea.

Heather – This book is dedicated to you because without you, I would still be looking at the words on my computer screen and wondering if they would ever be good enough. When I am with you, I feel like I can conquer the world. Thank you for lending me some of the light inside of you and for being my first and number one fan.

Christopher – My teacher and toughest critic. I have learned more from you in the five years that I have had the pleasure of calling you friend than I did in the entire twenty-five years before. Thank you for letting me use your name and for being an amazing friend/brother/boss.

Bob Diforio – Thank you for introducing me to the world of publishing. You are an honest, kind, and wonderful man/agent. The time you spent with me when you didn’t have any time to spare is truly appreciated.

The entire Devine Destines crew – If ever there was a place where I have felt immediately welcomed and valued, it was within the Devine family. Jay, Tina, and the rest of the gang, I thank you for your patience with this fist time author and I hope I make you lots and lots of money! To my fellow Devine authors, you guys are the best!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

What do you mean?

“What do you mean?” Exactly what I just freaken said. It has come to my attention that the majority of society does not say what they mean. I on the other hand, do. I’m so sick of being asked, “Well, what do you mean?” What I just said. That’s what I mean. If I say you’re fat, I mean it. It I say I care about you, I mean it. If I say you are driving me crazy, I mean it. Why is that so hard to understand? Say what you mean and mean what you say people.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

“O E-i-E’ Update

It’s my first check in since the big epiphany the other day.

Positive things: I didn’t eat out again for lunch, am in a way better mood, started writing more, overall happiness level is on the rise.

Negative things: I didn’t do the stairs or exercise in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I didn’t play with Cam. (In my defense he spent a few nights at my mom’s house.) I did however already make plans with him for tonight. We are going to watch one of his movies while my husband is at work.

So overall, I would say it’s a good start for Operation Enough is Enough.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Operation Enough is Enough

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. Life has been busy. That and I have been lazy, which stops today. In all aspects of my life. I have been in a slump, I’ll admit it. Down right good for nothing. Why you ask? I have no idea. Things are going great. I’m getting published, our debt management program is great, Cam has been pretty good..very little in the way of family drama as a I have no good reason for feeling like this. I am sleepy, or rather; all I want to do is sleep. I’ve even been lazy about cleaning. (I’ve always been an eat off the floor kind of gal) Today I say, enough is enough. Listed below are action items I plan to tackle immediately to move forward with the enough is enough plan. So we’ll call it ‘Operation Enough is Enough.’ Catchy, huh? :)

1)The stairs are my friend. I will run the stairs at work at least three times a week.
2)Going out to eat is going straight to my ass. Friday lunch out ONLY. (Damn you Orange Tree)
3)Cameron time. I will spend more time with Cameron doing what he wants to do.
4)Water. Drink it.
5)Life. Love it.

Well, I’ll let you know in a few days how this is all shaking out. Cross your fingers for me.
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Friday, July 10, 2009


Disappointment. What an ugly word. It even looks ugly what with the ‘point’ right in the middle endlessly ‘point’ing it’s finger right at you. But the truth is, disappointment is a fact of life. Just another one of those cold, hard realities that we must learn to face/overcome/learn from. The worst of all though, is when we are disappointed in ourselves. It’s one thing to look at a stranger and pass judgment on their actions. It is quite another to look in the mirror and face our saddened expression knowing we have royally messed up. Sometimes, there is a fix. Something you can take back or try to mend. Other times, it is the end of a chapter in your life and there is nothing left to do but accept the consequence and move on.

My only advice (though I can never take my own advice) would be, don’t beat yourself up over it. If you learned from it, if you will never ever look at yourself in the mirror facing the same disappointment, then you have grown as a person. If you know now, more than you knew then, perhaps it’s not disappointment that you feel at all. Perhaps, it’s growing pains.

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki. Smart fella.

love pictures Pictures, Images and Photos
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I’m a fate kind of girl

I often wonder if we actually realize the affect we have on each other. When fate puts us in another person’s path, some would say there must be a reason. We need something from that person or we have some benevolent gift to give them. Some would say that it’s pure chance when two people meet, that there is nothing drawing us to one another or pulling us away. And as such, there is no great meaning in relationships. I’m a fate kind of girl. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason, maybe not the reason you wanted but a reason none the less. (That’s actually not mine, someone else told me that. It’s good though, right?) So looking back on your life, can you fathom how many people you have touched, affected, changed? There are probably a lot more than you know or ever will know.

My eleventh grade English honors teacher forever changed my life because she never took of for spelling. For the first time I was allowed to use the words I wanted to but didn’t (still don’t) know how to spell. And now I’m a writer. I bet she has no idea.

The preacher, whose name escapes me, who led the revival at the Baldwin Baptist Church forever changed my life and my relationship with God. I’m sure he doesn’t even remember me, I was seven.

My friend Amy Surrency (Nash now) touched my soul when we were in fifth grade. She was the first person that ever called themselves my best friend.

My friend Michele taught me how to be a grown up and always put things in ‘Christy terms’ which helped a lot. I think she does know that actually. ;)

My point is, all these people come in and out of our lives and we never get the chance to tell them what they mean to us. So take the time and tell someone. Tell them you love them, you never know. Maybe they love you too.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As I turn thirty (shudder) I take inventory of my life.

House, check
Husband, check
Child, check
Job, check
Book deal, check.

I should be jumping for joy and on my knees every second of every day thanking God for all the blessings in my life. And I am thankful. At the same time, I wonder who the heck I am. All my life I have been someone’s something. Their daughter, her friend, his girlfriend, his wife, his mom but never just me. I think I am myself when I write, but I write from the point of view of a seventeen year-old girl. Now what the heck does that say about me? I have a theory. (You know I love the theories!)

When I was seventeen, I loved a boy and music with all my heart. And I mean every last ventricle. (I love him still but that’s neither here nor there.) He loved me too, as much as a teenage boy can love someone. And music was my life. Chorus, Musical Theater, all of it. Things with the boy ended, I was betrayed by a ‘friend,’ and ended up in the auditorium with slit wrists. Yes I know, but that’s not the bad part. At the suggestion of a therapist, I was pulled out of chorus and enrolled into the work release program. That hurt more than losing him. And every day when I would leave, I had to walk past the chorus room and hear them singing. It was like a knife in my soul. I think it’s still there. theory. I don’t think I ever changed emotionally again. I grew older, but in my head, I swear, I am still seventeen. Ask anyone I know and they will back this up. I am that girl that says things she shouldn’t say and does things everyone else is thinking about but won’t. So now I’m thirty and I want to know who I am, or who I would have been if that didn’t happen. Would I have gone to Berklee and been a Musical Therapist? Would I sing at church? (I don’t sing in front of people anymore.) Would I have waited for him?

That’s my mission for the year. By the time I am thirty-one, I want to know without a shadow of doubt who the hell I am.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am happy to announce that Devine Destinies has agreed to publish Emmy's Song! It will be in eBook first and then move on to print after it acquires enough online sales. Thank you to everyone who has taken this journey with me and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you as an official published author. :)

Hi, Christina,
Emmy's Song is accepted. Fill out the AIF (author information form) and email it to XXX and cc it to XXX. Print and fill out 2 copies of the first and last pages of the contract and mail both copies to the snail mail address on the top of the front page. We will sign and date both copies and send 1 back to you.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Your Soul is Asleep

sunrise Pictures, Images and Photos

When your soul is asleep, the world passes you by and you miss the details.

When your soul is asleep, the words don’t register and lose their meaning.

When your soul is asleep, your heart shuts down and you forget. Forget how the wind feels on a warm summer day, forger the smell of candy apples in the fall, and candy canes in the winter. Forget how light you can feel when the weight of the world isn’t pushing you further and further down into despair.

Then something changes, the world moves under you, and your soul wakes up. Alone, scared, but awake. Awake feels so good you don’t ever want to go back. You have to change. Inside yourself, twist yourself, because you are forever altered. You see every detail, all the colors of a sunset, all the sounds of the beach. You hear the words and they touch you. You remember the sweet smells of every season and your heart is light again. Alone, but light.

Will you stay awake or allow fear to keep you asleep, missing your life? It’s your choice. Make the right one.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Things that make me happy

Really good music
Someone singing really good music to me
Tall boys with dark hair
Tall boys with dark hair named Edward ;)
Pretty words
Chocolate Thunder From Down Under (dessert at Outback yummmy)
Christopher when he is not pacing
When the Gators win (at anything, football, baseball, lacrosse)
Good dreams (Like the wake up and try to go back to sleep good dreams)
A clean house
My kitties
Feeling beautiful
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Third Day

I have this theory about the third day. The third day of anything you are going through is always the worst. When I had my C-section, third day was the worst, when you are getting over a broken heart, third day is the worst, getting over being guessed it, the third day is the worst.

The first day is always the best. When you are sick, the first day is not so bad. When you have broken heart the first day is the best because you are usually still mad and that makes it easier to cope.

The second day, things start to go downhill but they are still not at rock bottom. You feel a little worse, your resolve is wavering but you think you can make it.

The third day, everything goes to shit. You feel awful, you can’t stop crying, you’re a mess! Your illness is kicking your butt, you just want to die.

If you can make it past the third day, you can make it! So for everyone on the third day..just hold on. Tomorrow will be better, I promise.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Will You Find Me~ Short Story

The clouds race past the window of the plane. I usually don’t get the window seat. In fact, I usually do everything I can to avoid the window seat. I hate to fly. The continuous fidgeting, rubbing my hands together, running them through my hair, checking the piece of paper in my hand, is helping to keep the palm sweating at a minimum but I know I’m green. The woman in the seat next to me instinctively moves away, eyeing the barf bag in front of the seat all the while.

It’s worth it. That’s what I keep telling myself. I need to know. I need to see him. I met him a month ago online.

“You have a pretty smile,” he had said.

That was all it took. The connection was instant. His words, the way he said them. I felt like he was the other half of my soul. It was as if we had known each other our entire lives and we had never even actually spoken. He told me he had known me in another life, that it was fate. He told me that he would keep the promise he made to me and that he would always find me. Though I didn’t really believe in reincarnation, I believed him.

The weeks passed and our conversations took a different turn, he started pulling away. Confused and hurt, I asked him why. Was it something I had done?

“No, of course not. I just need some time. We’ll be together soon, I promise.” His words were fresh in my mind.

The plane landed and I began to lose my nerve. What in the world was I going to say? Hi. Nice to see you. I had no idea. I kept telling myself that he just changed his mind. Folks were entitled to change their minds. I looked at the piece of paper I was cluthing in my hand for the hundredth time. I didn’t have any luggage, just a carry on bag. I walked up to the first cab I saw outside the airport and gave him the address.

It was a short trip, not nearly long enough for me to decide what to say. I handed the cabdriver a fifty dollar bill and asked him to wait. I was sure it wouldn’t take long for him to tell me to get lost, that I wasn’t who he thought I was after all.

A woman answerers the doorbell and my heart drops. He was married.

“Yes, can I help you?” She asks in a friendly voice.

Perfect. “Yes, I’m sorry; I may have the wrong house. Is Tom here?”

Her face falls and she swings the door wide open. “Why would you ask that? Why would you come here and ask that? Is this some kind of sick joke?”

Confused, I start to apologize, certain now that I did in fact have the wrong house. “I’m very sorry. This must be the wrong house. I’m looking for Tom Davis.”

She starts to weep. She slams the door in my face and I am too shocked to move. I finally turn and make my way back to the cab. I am shaking uncontrollably when I slip in the backseat and ask the driver to take me back to the airport. This was a mistake.

He turns to look at me then. “Hey lady, I don’t know who you are and I don’t usually get involved in these things but that woman has been through enough. Just leave it alone, okay.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about. I was coming to meet a friend and I must have the wrong address.”

“You asked her where Tom was.”

“Yes, that’s my friend. See I met him online and I wanted to surprise him…”
“Lady, Tom’s dead.”

“What are you talking about?” I wanted to hit him. What the hell was wrong with everyone? I just talked to him last week.

“Tom Davis died in a car accident two weeks ago. That was his mother. Geez lady.” He turned back to the wheel.

“Wait. Can you take me to the graveyard? Please? PLEASE?” I was in full blown hysterics. The nausea that I felt on the plane came back with an intensity I couldn’t fight.

We drive to a small Catholic Church and park near a small graveyard. I open the door and begin to run. I know where to go. I don’t know how but I know where to go. I fall next to his grave. The date was there, etched in stone. Two weeks had passed since he had been buried. One week had passed since his last email.

I just need some time. Those had been the last words he typed me. Time for what? I feel like I am losing my mind. My heart starts to hurt. My chest is on fire and I can’t breathe. Lightning courses down my left hand and my arm loses all feeling. I collapse face first into the dirt. There by his grave, I died.

The light was bright. He was there with me. Stephan, Collin, Christopher, Dylan, and most recently Thomas. We held each other for the few brief moments we had.

“Will you find me?” I ask him.

“I always do my love, I always do.”

I held his hand while the fates pulled us in different directions. Yes, he would find me.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a New Day

Happy Cat Pictures, Images and Photos

As I reflect on my life, which I have been doing a lot these days, I come to a few realizations.

1) It aint that bad. Actually it’s pretty good. I have a good job, great kid, better than the rest step-daughter and a hard working husband. Yes, we’ve been married FOREVER and yes, we probably got married too young but at the end of the day, he’s perfect for me. He’s not the man in my book, but he’s the man in my life. And speaking of my books, even if they never get published, they are my outlet and I love writing them.
2) It is what I make it. I can wake up and decide to be happy or decide to be sad. A positive attitude really goes along way. “I count my blessings, instead of sheep…” and the world is a little brighter, the music is a little louder and my ass is a little smaller. Okay, well, maybe not that last one! ;)
3) I am ME. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that there isn’t anyone else like me. I am honest, loud, and a little crazy. I’m tenacious, emotional, and full of fun adjectives to describe however I may be feeling at the moment. I like me. And most folks I meet do too.


4) The show must go on. No matter how I feel, life is going to keep right on going. I still have to take care of my family, go to work, and breathe so I might as well make the best of it. As I previously stated, you only get one shot at this whole life thing and I would rather say, “Why did I do that” than “Why DIDN’T I do that.”
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile
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Monday, May 18, 2009



I am very interested in Emmy's Song and would like to see the full manuscript. You mentioned this being a three-part series, but is each book the same basic length? May I see all three parts or is only part one ready? I definitely need to see the complete part one even if parts two and three are not ready.

I'm attaching our suggested guidelines so you can see what we prefer in a manuscript.

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Yes, there are some posts missing. I am pretending like the last few weeks in my life didn’t happen.
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Monday, May 11, 2009


What if the person you were meant to be with was born miles away from you, years behind or ahead of you? Would you still find each other? Would that love be strong enough to bend space and time and allow you to be with the one person you were meant to be with? I think it would.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Shot

You get one shot. That’s it. One shot at life, one shot at true love, and one shot with a possible agent or publisher. I, unfortunately, just learned this very hard lesson today. You (me) send an agent a query and then send them an “updated” one when they touch base with you. NO! Put yourself in their spot. They get literally hundreds, possibly thousands of queries a day. I know this is true because I was reading for an established agent for a while and he was getting 3-4 a minute sometimes. So they have this gaggle of talent and you are so special that you should get double their time? No. No. No. Respect the agent and respect yourself. Send your best the first time or don’t send anything at all.

I fear that I am that person that is never happy with my work. I think I will be reading my printed and published novel and wish I could change something. I am vowing to myself not to send any queries for a month. If you follow this blog at all you know I just recently went through an attitude adjustment/rewrite. Even though I now feel I have literally perfection (Lord help me) in my midst, I will wait at least a month to query.

I leave you with this:

Never give up. Go over, under, around, or through, but never give up.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

cute Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Monday!
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 2 of my new attitude

Welp, I did it. Even though there were some lines I loved like.. “Dragging her uncooperative body from under the covers”…I deleted the first three chapters and started over from a different point. I backed up the timeline, have more back-story, and now have the book being told as a story instead of written as a letter. (It would have been a long ass letter!) Now..the question is..should I change the title? I’ll get back to you on that..
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day one of my new attitude

The walls close in on me as I realize what I must do. I have to change. I HATE change. I never leave a job, I am married to the same man, hell, I have the same pj pants from 2000. But now, I have to change my approach at this whole getting published thing. I have had six requests for partials and they have all been nos with things like this:

“Thanks for sending along the opening pages of Emmy's Song. Truth be told, though, I’m afraid these pages just didn't draw me in as much as I had hoped. I'm pressed for time these days and, what with my reservations about the project, I suspect I wouldn't be the best fit.”

So what does that tell you? I need to go back to the drawing board right? I need to do something better, be something better. My friends read it and they all say, “It’s great, you should be proud of yourself!” But obviously its not and I have a lot to learn. I’m starting over, from the top. Out with the old, in with the new.
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We all suffer loss. Whether it be the loss of a friend or a loved one or the loss of hope or faith. The key is how we deal with this loss. I see it all around me, and all around me I see people who I am amazed with. They don’t feel sorry for themselves, they don’t hide in a corner, the way I would. The dust themselves off and keep on living. I admire that strength more than they will ever know. As it turns out, inspiration is all around us.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't tell me what to write..

So here is what I hate. I HATE it when people tell people what to write. “Stay away from vampires.” That’s all I am hearing. I don’t know why! I am thirty years old and have been an avid vampire book reader since I was a teen. (Vampire Diaries) I will always read them and there will always be a market for them. Are they overdone? I don’t think so. They will always get my $ at the book store. If you are not a person like that, you are not the target audience for my book and you probably should keep your opinion about that aspect of it to yourself. Have something to say about POV, voice, grammar, have at it. But leave the vampire things alone. It’s not going to change.

While we are on the subject, here is why I think we can’t get enough of vampires…

We all have this struggle between who we are and who we want to be, between right and wrong, between acceptable and not acceptable behavior. A vampire is the epitome of this. Forced into a life they didn’t choose, left to struggle with their nature and what they know is right. Yes, there are the evil ones that are happy to be blood-hungry monsters and then there are those who have a conscience and do everything they can to not be what they are. Isn’t that the way humanity is. In a much broader spectrum on a much deeper level, but really, aren’t we all just trying to do the right thing?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do believe in vampires. J
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Everyday, I feel like I am pulled in 500 different directions. My husband is just driving me crazy lately. It’s like I can’t make him happy but if I’m honest with myself, am I really trying? To make him happy would be to give up my writing time and folks, I’d rather get divorced. He gets up at four o’ clock in the morning and goes to the gym, wakes me up then, comes home at about six and takes a shower, wakes me up again but at this point I need to get up anyway and make my son’s lunch for school. Then my husband leaves and I am left to do everything on my own. Get my son ready, get myself ready, get him to school, me to work and he is just going about his merry way. In his defense, he does work two jobs and do the cooking so it’s not like I am alone in this but then at night, he wants to go to “bed” soon after our son does. And I want to stay up and write. But Lord knows if I don’t go to “bed” with him he is going to pout like a five-year- old. It’s just really driving me crazy. I do love him, just sometimes life gets in the way. My Son..actually, he’s pretty perfect. He is very much a boy, into everything and rough..but he loves me more than my husband ever will. Hell, he loves me more than my husband will ever love ANYONE! you can see, I’m having a bad morning. I did get a request for some pages last night of Emmy’s Song and write about 1500K words on True North so things are not as bad as they seem.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Just left #queryday on Twitter..Good stuff. :)
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hanging on by a thread

Ever want to give up? Just really, throw in the towel? Well, that is how I feel. Of course, the little voice in the back of my head continues to tell me that if I give up, I don’t deserve it anyway so..I don’t. I suppose that is the story of life though. To keep moving forward no matter how much ground you feel you are loosing. What is all this babbling about you ask? Well, I think, that I no longer have an agent. He asked me to update some things, which I took a very long time to do and now I have not heard from him. Is he mad at me? Did he not like the sex scene I added? Who knows?!? Who the hell knows?!? Should I query other agents? Do I have a duty to him even though he has become unresponsive? It’s no wonder most authors don’t have “day jobs.” This is a full time job in and off it’s self. GEEZ MANETIE!

On a happy note, I am having a date weekend with my husband. We are going to St. Augustine and on the ghost tour. (So my thing!) My son is going out of town with my parents so we are alone for three whole days. Holy Crap! I’m excited.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Things about me

1) I am very, very, very moody
2) I am very, very, very spoiled
3) I wish I could tell the future
4) I am not very smart
5) I am not a good mother
6) I hate to cook
7) I like to clean
8) I love HTML codes
9) I love myspace, facebook, linkedin, all that shit
10) I curse too much (see above)
11) I love to sing
12) I love to read
13) I love to write
14) I want someone to pay me money to sit at home and make up stories all day
15) I really can’t see shit. These words, yeah, their blurry
16) I love all animals more than most people
17) Even though he has done some bad stuff, I would fight to the death for the love of my
18) I believe in vampires
19) I don’t believe in love at first sight
20) I love my black car and my pink iPod
21) I still watch cartoons with my son and still love anything Disney
22) I have never been on a real vacation
23) I am constantly worried that I stink
24) I hate shoes
25) I love bags
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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Do you know the definition of the word limbo? I looked it up and got this:

A place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date.

I, unfortunately, am in limbo. My agent is very busy and has not had a chance to look at my rewrites yet and I have no idea if they are good enough or not. I have been touching up the second novel in the meantime but don’t want to go too far incase I have to change something dramatically. UGHHH.

Oh, and on a side note, I would like to beat the mess out of the person who created the words affect and effect. What the hell? I can not for the life of me remember when to use one or the other. They are evil words meant to torture poor, unsuspecting aspiring writers such as myself.

I hate waiting.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Thought!

I have decided that there are two kinds of people in this world. The ones that write out their full name when signing an email and the ones who just use their initials. When does one get to the point where they are so important that one or two letters identifies who they are? I just find this fascinating as I have seen a direct correlation with ass holes, and initials. RANDOM! Sorry, having a bad day at work!
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Edits, Edits, and more Edits

Ever feel like your story isn’t your story anymore after it seeps into the world of publishing? I have been empowered with the task of de-twilighting my book. I don’t think it is like Twilight. My story is about a race of half-vampire/half-humans originating from Mexico who hunt vampires. Yes, there is a girl that falls in love with a boy, but not like Bella and Edward. There will NEVER be another Bella and Edward. So I have gone back to emphasize the Hispanic culture that is at the root of my story. We shall see where that goes.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

So, I got the edits back. Not too bad. I am still confused on when to capitalize mom and dad...I have sent the final draft to my agent and now we wait. (I am going to puke)
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, hello there! My name is Christy Trujillo and it is very nice to meet you! This is my first blogging experience so please, be gentle.

I am a twenty-nine (yes, the big ‘30’ this year) year-old wife, mother and aspiring author. I have completed my first novel and I am now going through a grueling editing process. (Yuck) I love my day job but can’t wait to quit it to stay home and daydream all day! I have a few girlfriends that have stayed by my side through all of life’s little adventures and the most amazing husband a gal could ask for. My son is five, soon to be fifty, and a handful! And that is me in a nutshell.

Today I would like to talk about the art of writing. My day job is a coordinator for a team that responds to bids and proposals for a professional staffing firm. They all have college degrees and take their jobs very seriously, as they should. I, on the other hand, did not go to college and have no professional training whatsoever. I cannot spell and often have trouble with subject/verb agreement. But I LOVE to write. All my life I have loved to write and everything I have learned about writing has been from reading. Reading was a passion of mine as an only child. I would stay locked away in my room for hours, escaping loneliness in the pages of anything I could get my hands on. And then I would write my own stories about my life, things I wanted, and things I longed for. I didn’t think they were great, but I didn’t think they were atrocious either.
Soon after staring at this position, I was immediately put in my place as the ‘dumb’ one. I was the one who didn’t go to college and therefore, was not as good as the rest of the group, the lowly coordinator if you will. Lost in the mechanics of what they call ‘professional writing,’ I gave up and accepted my fate. Then in July of 2008, inspiration struck in the form of a movie poster. (I am not going to tell you which one yet. Our relationship is too new for that.) I had caught the bug again and simply couldn’t stop the words from flowing. By September, I had finished my first novel, Emmy’s Song. It was an error-ridden novel, but a novel just the same. I let an associate take a look and of course, it was slammed. The words are not big enough, your writing is not visual enough, and you are not like me enough! This time, however, I had a lovely woman in my life by the name of Heather Ranes who never let me feel foolish or unworthy and pushed me to pursue my dream. She even helped me get a few freelance jobs! And here I am, it really might happen! I really might publish a YA novel.
So all that being said, what I really want to say to you is, NEVER give up. NEVER let someone tell you that you are not good at something because you don’t do things the way they would. You are the only you in the world and someone, somewhere needs to know you.
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