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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lipo Update, Pumpkins and a Snowman

First week of lipo shots over. Pounds lost – 1.4

I suppose I’m feeling slightly less murderous, but still rather unstable if you want to know the truth of the matter. This is most likely due to my current state of never ending revisions for PwF though. Honestly, this is new to me. Typically I finish a novel, go through it a time or two, then start edits with my publisher. This time, it’s all on me. Well, um, hello! If it’s up to me, it will never be ready. Ever. Never. Ever. I change 8983749093847 things every time I read it. I really don’t know what this ‘polished’ nonsense is all about. Do any of us ever think anything is polished? I think this will be the last time I pour through it, then I shall hand it over to my friend/editor/guardian angel and see what she comes back with. I’m not a perfectionist, oh no. Not by any stretch of the imagination could I be called a perfectionist, but damn, there’s always a better way to say something, or phrase something.

Anywho –

Yesterday was a teacher’s planning day here so I stayed home with my son and we went shopping, out to lunch and decorated pumpkins. I say decorated because we painted them. Mine, oh my poor pumpkin. It looks like someone spilt some paint all over it. It’s very sad. Cam’s is pretty good. He’s artsy. Me? Well, I can’t draw a straight line. No, I really can’t because I shake too much. I could never cut a straight line either and would always get in trouble for it, which I hope we can all agree now, was a stupid thing to get in trouble for. I’ve inserted pics below. I’m sure you can guess which one’s mine. -_-


I did, however, get some shampoo for my makeup brushes…you would have thrown up if you saw what came out of them…a new outfit, hair color, and some random other stuff from Target. I’m not much on shopping so that’s a big deal for me. They had allll of their Christmas stuff out and I saw this guy:

Sadly I didn’t get him. But, now you have that song stuck in your head too. Bwahhahhahhha *evil laugh*
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Lipo Shots and Cookies

Well, folks, I’ve decided to keep a little record of my weight loss adventures. Mainly for evidence so when they either A) find my body or B) find the body I hid, I’ll have something to point back to and say see – I was already crazy.

First, let’s point out that for the last four months or so I’ve been taking this combination medicine Phen-something. I’m not really sure what it was, but it was awesome. I mean, it stopped working for weight loss after the second month but my lord it made everything else better. I could see more clearly, I was awake, in a good mood. Yes. It was awesome. But you can’t take it forever. So I’ve stopped taking that and have started a series of Lipo injections, along with 1300 calories a day (kill me now) and 30 min of exercise a day. That’s where we are.

I.Feel.Like.Shit. I mean, like I just want everyone to go away and I want to crawl under the covers in my bed and stay there. If I hadn’t told Mr. Tom I would do something for him today, I swear to the Lord I would get up and go home. But it’s not his fault I’m a fat, useless cow who can’t just eat right and exercise on her own. So I stay and wait for him to call me back. I did read that the injections can cause you to be lethargic, (CHECK) have random tummy issues (CHECK) and phantom pain in your neck and back (CHECK CHECK). I paid for a four pack of these things and I just had my first shot last Friday (it’s now Monday) so I’ll be riding this out for another month or so. Have I lost weight? No. But it’s only been three days…two of which I ate way more than 1300 calories, I can tell you that right now. Whatever. I like food. I like yummy food. I really like sweets and therein lies my downfall. Though, I must agree with:

I can’t tell if this behavior is from coming off the other meds or getting on the shots, so I’ll just wait a week and see what happens. If I’m still alive/out of jail, that is. This is also havoc on my writing because I just want to print all 66K words out, rip them up one by one and then just go SAIUDHFIAWUEHFISUDHFI all over my word doc. But that is wrong. And I would be sad. Someday. Probably not today. It’s good though, right? It’s originalish and funnyish and entertainingish. But the question remains, is it will written enough NO ISH? Probably not, because I’m not really a writer. I’m a psychopath, masquerading as a storyteller, trying to pass for a writer, working to become a full-time author. It’s a lie. It’s all just a lie. I’m eating a cookie. I hate my life.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Olde City New Blood CON!

I registered for my very first book conference today. I’m so excited because A) it’s super close, like 20 minutes away so I don’t have to pay for hotel, B) there will be a ton of authors I like there as well as Entangled Publishing, and C) I’m finally doing what the psyshic told me to do, which is go to conferences.
I’m not sure what happens at these things, I assume there will be some Q&A with the authors, perhaps with Entangled as well. I hope to gather some advice and network with other folks like myself; it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Here is the link if it’s something you’re interested in:
As for the rest of my life, things are slowly getting back to normal without Pops. My husband still isn’t the same. Sadly, I think this kick-started his mid-life crisis. Joy. We’ve weathered worse, though, so I’m sure we’ll push our way through this as well.
I’m finished with PwF and am now revising, which could go on forever with me. Nothing is ever good enough. I know what it needs to be. I know what it has to have in its most basic form to be coupled with a marketing plan and equal a wildly successful book. Does it have that? I think it does. Now, I just need a publisher with a marketing plan. ;) And an editor. A brutal, intelligent, loves my voice and won’t try to change it, editor. Does one such as this exist? I can but hope.

I think I’m going to just keep right on going with PwF 2, you know, while it’s all still with me. LLL and FireFlys will just have to wait, along with Dreams, Gemini and Nightlights in Heaven. Yes, I admit to having Literary Schizophrenia.
I also entered a little contest over at NA Alley, so perhaps something will come of that. I’ll let you know.

Until then, my friends.


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