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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Third Day

I have this theory about the third day. The third day of anything you are going through is always the worst. When I had my C-section, third day was the worst, when you are getting over a broken heart, third day is the worst, getting over being guessed it, the third day is the worst.

The first day is always the best. When you are sick, the first day is not so bad. When you have broken heart the first day is the best because you are usually still mad and that makes it easier to cope.

The second day, things start to go downhill but they are still not at rock bottom. You feel a little worse, your resolve is wavering but you think you can make it.

The third day, everything goes to shit. You feel awful, you can’t stop crying, you’re a mess! Your illness is kicking your butt, you just want to die.

If you can make it past the third day, you can make it! So for everyone on the third day..just hold on. Tomorrow will be better, I promise.


  1. Tomorrow is my third day at my new chaotic job. We'll see if I survive today to make it to the third. lol.
    It sounds like yoy have a great idea for a new novel! And a good title. :)


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