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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Your Soul is Asleep

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When your soul is asleep, the world passes you by and you miss the details.

When your soul is asleep, the words don’t register and lose their meaning.

When your soul is asleep, your heart shuts down and you forget. Forget how the wind feels on a warm summer day, forger the smell of candy apples in the fall, and candy canes in the winter. Forget how light you can feel when the weight of the world isn’t pushing you further and further down into despair.

Then something changes, the world moves under you, and your soul wakes up. Alone, scared, but awake. Awake feels so good you don’t ever want to go back. You have to change. Inside yourself, twist yourself, because you are forever altered. You see every detail, all the colors of a sunset, all the sounds of the beach. You hear the words and they touch you. You remember the sweet smells of every season and your heart is light again. Alone, but light.

Will you stay awake or allow fear to keep you asleep, missing your life? It’s your choice. Make the right one.


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