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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Shot

You get one shot. That’s it. One shot at life, one shot at true love, and one shot with a possible agent or publisher. I, unfortunately, just learned this very hard lesson today. You (me) send an agent a query and then send them an “updated” one when they touch base with you. NO! Put yourself in their spot. They get literally hundreds, possibly thousands of queries a day. I know this is true because I was reading for an established agent for a while and he was getting 3-4 a minute sometimes. So they have this gaggle of talent and you are so special that you should get double their time? No. No. No. Respect the agent and respect yourself. Send your best the first time or don’t send anything at all.

I fear that I am that person that is never happy with my work. I think I will be reading my printed and published novel and wish I could change something. I am vowing to myself not to send any queries for a month. If you follow this blog at all you know I just recently went through an attitude adjustment/rewrite. Even though I now feel I have literally perfection (Lord help me) in my midst, I will wait at least a month to query.

I leave you with this:

Never give up. Go over, under, around, or through, but never give up.


  1. Although it never hurts to ask for a second chance, you just might get it.

  2. I rarely feel happy with my work either. :-) Great advice to never give up. Thank you!
    Hope your querying goes great this time around!


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