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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Release Day to Me…

Yea, it’s finally here! :) In honor of my new release Emmy’s Song, I will be giving away a $15.00 iTunes Gift Card. It’s easy to enter. Just post a comment to this blog and tell me, If your life was a song, what would be its title? Like, mine would be ..Published Author, Oh Yeah…or something like that. To make it fair, I will not be choosing the winner. My friend/boss/brother Chris Pruitt will be picking the cleverest title. (He’s a tough critic so dig deep people!) You have until 11:59 pm to post a comment and I will announce the winner tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!

Oh, and just incase you are interested, here is the link to purchase Emmy’s Song! :)


  1. Hehehe, ok ok I'll bite. If my life was a song title, it would be, "Many Men Contained in the Name." A friend of mine told me recently that I have a few different versions of myself, and I'd presume that would mean each name would be living its own life, so ya, kind of fits.

    Grats on the publishing btw!

  2. my song title would be called "Round goes the Rollercoaster"

    cuz my life always is going up and down, and giving me crazy things to deal with.. but every time i seem to find a way to come aroudn and deal with it :)

  3. My title would be "If Life Is A Highway, What Exit Is This?"


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