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Monday, October 24, 2011

True North #2

So this is where I'm thinking about going with True North #2 that is going to be called East something...I just don't know what yet. Thoughts?

After discovering that the counsel had been lying to the people of True North for hundreds of years, Sahar and those closest to her managed to set things right. Now Sahar has taken her place as the white wolf and monarch of the town. She is determined to make sure things never go back to the way they were.

But this story isn’t about Sahar.

Rachel Hill has been Sahar’s best friend her entire life so of course she was right by her side when the you-know-what hit the fan two years ago. But, that was two years ago. Rachel is on the tails of a bad breakup with Sahar’s twin brother, Dean, and has pretty much had it with True North and everyone in it. The morning she’s planning to make her big break, she’s told that Sahar has vanished without a trace. Rachel thinks Sahar caught wind of her plan to leave, but when they find droplets of her blood in the woods, she’s not so sure.

On the hunt for her best friend, Rachel is also trying to prevent Dana, Sahar’s cousin, from taking over the town in her absence. She can’t do it all alone and once again, Dean, Cameron, Luke, and Tessa will pitch in to save the day.

But sometimes, the day can’t be saved.
Sometimes, they day was dead right from the start.


  1. New follower! Great blog you have, will def return often.

  2. Hi there =) Glad to see you and you're welcome any time.

  3. aw I'm sad to hear about Rachel and Dean! but bwaha it'll be great to see Tessa again, she's a pistol :)

  4. Oh girl, you know me. Do you think I could leave them broken up and sad. Um, no. Tragedy tends to brink folks together. Tessa is going to have her own book. She's South. Cuz, she's Sourhern. Hehehe, get it? :)


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