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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a wonderful, amazing, very good day

I had the honor of meeting Ashley Greene today. She was in town for a friend’s wedding and came to the Kimberly Clarke Salon to get her hair done with the other girls. They were all so nice and the bride looked like an honest to goodness Angel when she was leaving, her long blonde hair flowing behind her in perfect ringlets. It was a fun, fun day.

I met the wonderfully talented Kim Clarke through a fabulous woman named Courtney Sellers. Kim’s salon is THE place to get your hair done in Jville and I watched her make Ashley’s hair look as good as it ever has in any movie. She is truly an artist and I am blessed to have met both of these wonderful ladies. When Kim told me that Ashley would be coming in, I asked if it was okay if I came up there to give her copies of my books and she agreed. I didn’t tell a soul (well except Maria) because I didn’t want word to get out that she would be there and pandemonium to break out on Herschel Street! I’ve been so nervous about it. And even thought it wasn’t going to happen for a while but all of my fretting was in vein. All of the girls in the bridal party were so sweet and everyone had a blast.

Ashley arrived a little after everyone and was a ray of sunshine from the moment she walked in the room. Her friends clearly adore her and she is loyal and grateful for them. She was down to earth, funny, and just genuinely happy to be a part of her friend’s wedding. When the limo arrived to pick the girl’s up, I asked her if it was okay if I gave her something. She said of course it was. I gave her a bag with both of my books and a letter I wrote her explaining what they were. She was so nice and said she was happy to have something to read on the plane back to LA. She was extremely gracious when everyone started asking to take pictures with her. And let me tell you, she is even more beautiful in person. She is amazing.

I don’t know if she’ll Tweet about my books, but I am truly happy to just have had the chance to meet her. I hope she becomes the most successful actress this world has ever seen. I encourage everyone to support her in every endeavor. Purchase multiple copies of every magazine that is lucky enough to have her grace its pages, see any movie she is in more than once, and then purchase it on DVD.
There are few people in this world that you meet who are ‘symmetrically’ beautiful. People who are as beautiful on the inside, as they are on the out in such a manner that those around them can’t deny it. All the women I mentioned in this blog, Kim Clarke, Courtney Sellers, and Ashley Greene, posses that quality.

What a wonderful, amazing, very good day.


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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Staring at blank pages, watching them stare back at me, laughing, mocking.
They were right, you can’t do this. Who are you kidding?
They taunt me, the stark white empty spaces dismissing anything I try to add to their pristine perfection.
So I stare. My heart is breaking.
Under the surface of my imperfection, the perfect words hide. Behind my wall of self-doubt and cynicism. If I could just find them, pull them from their hiding, surely the pristine emptiness would allow me to fill it.
But the wall will not crumble,
And the perfect words stay hidden behind my imperfection.
So I stare. My heart is broken.
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