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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Things about me

1) I am very, very, very moody
2) I am very, very, very spoiled
3) I wish I could tell the future
4) I am not very smart
5) I am not a good mother
6) I hate to cook
7) I like to clean
8) I love HTML codes
9) I love myspace, facebook, linkedin, all that shit
10) I curse too much (see above)
11) I love to sing
12) I love to read
13) I love to write
14) I want someone to pay me money to sit at home and make up stories all day
15) I really can’t see shit. These words, yeah, their blurry
16) I love all animals more than most people
17) Even though he has done some bad stuff, I would fight to the death for the love of my
18) I believe in vampires
19) I don’t believe in love at first sight
20) I love my black car and my pink iPod
21) I still watch cartoons with my son and still love anything Disney
22) I have never been on a real vacation
23) I am constantly worried that I stink
24) I hate shoes
25) I love bags


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