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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Unraveling of a Yellow Shirt

I have this favorite shirt that I wear all the time. It’s yellow (my favorite color), fits me perfectly (just lost some weight so yay), and has pretty detail on the front. The problem is, the pretty detail has begun to unravel. I haven’t snagged it on anything so the culprit can only be the washing machine. And while I admittedly wear it more than perhaps intended, they knew it was going to be washed when they made it, so why didn’t they make it stronger, more durable?

Yesterday while sitting at my desk wondering how I would make it through every day without my Christopher, I began to question God in the same manner. Why didn’t he make my heart more durable? Isn’t this what it was made for? To love? To express kindness and allow people to become close to you? So why I ask you does it come unraveled so easily? Admittedly I may use mine more than his average creation but still, he knew. He knew and he should have made my heart stronger, me stronger.

But he didn’t. So I feel unraveled and hope someone has a needle and thread. I’ll be needing it.


  1. I'm here from Karen's blog, but I can't find your follower widget, so I guess I'll follow you on Twitter.

  2. Great interview with Karen! And I scrolled down a bit and saw your cover and whoa Awesome!

  3. @Matthew, I added that to the page. Thanks for pointing out that it wasn't there! =)

    @Allison, Thank you! I love me some Karen. And yes, the fella on my cover is just the way I pictured him in my head. I'm a fan ;)


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