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Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is not procrastinating. Did you hear me? I know exactly what the other 700 words I need to write today to keep up with my Nano word count will be, so there is no way this could be procrastination, right? Man, maybe it is. Well, oh well.

My husband and I just had our ten year wedding anniversary. Yes, I’m thirty-two. Yes, I got married when I was twenty-two. It seems young, I know, but I’m from Bryceville. That’s what you did. You fell in love, got married, had some babies, and lived happily ever after. Now, while I’ve got the corner on the whole happily ever after thing, all that stuff in the middle could have waited.

I wouldn’t recommend getting married so young, the person who I am now doesn’t even remotely resemble the person I was then. My husband, he’s a simple man. He has grown over the years, but he’s still quintessentially ‘him.’ Me? Not so much. I’ve seen some of my friends wait until they were older and it seems to have been a little easier for them; not as much drama. Of course, they were normal, non-writer folk, so I’m sure things would have been less dramatic for them regardless. My only advice is don’t compromise on that one thing that’s really important to you; whatever it is. We all have that one thing, that one deal-breaker. The one who won’t break the deal is out there, I promise. Just hang on.

So…work. Oh, work,  you mock me so. I think you all know I work for a professional staffing firm in the proposal department. My boss is Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde, which is hard for me on the Hyde days but Ah-mazing on the Jekyll days. But, what are you gonna do, right? That’s what happens when you work for a woman, case in point why a woman should never be president. Yeah, yeah, I know women’s lib and all that jaz. Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of on-demand writing and people tend to change the best parts because it’s just out of the normal thing they would do. I would bet money if they’d show some of those things to the branches who are actually responsible for this content we’re presenting to the client at the end of the day, they’d love it. And I know this and am willing to bet money because I already asked some of them and they loved it. So Nah. I’m a peacock! You gotta let me fly! (Mark Wahlberg – The Other Guys)

Like I said, this is not procrastination. This is assimilation in its purest form. These words and thoughts are becoming a part of my inspiration. Right? Well, oh well.


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