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Friday, September 24, 2010

Does anyone know who 'they' are?

I often wonder who came up with the standards people tend to follow. For instance, who decided that shit was a bad word? And who said that teenagers can’t fall in love or that only those of us that can do very long division in our heads are smart? Where did these standards come from? More importantly, why do we all just arbitrarily accept things that ‘they’ said? Who in the sam hell are ‘they’? Anytime someone needs justification to an outlandish statement they can just look someone in the face and say, “Well, that’s what they say.” The kneejerk reaction of the person who hears that? Oh yes, well.. then it must be true if they say it.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, I’m about enough of doing things just because they said or because it’s a standard accepted practice.

I will never EVER purchase or build a home with tile anywhere near the shower. It mildews when it comes in contact with water, it shouldn’t be in the bathroom.

The next person that tells me young people don’t know what love is I’m going to smack over the top of the head with the pages and pages of statistics on divorce. Apparently grown-ups don’t know what the hell it is either.

Just because I didn’t graduate from college and have a hard time remembering what the square root of pie is, doesn’t mean I’m not smart and don’t deserve a job/raise/respect.

Yes, I was raised in the south, no I’m not prejudice and yes I drink sweet tea. Get over it.

Though my vocabulary is quite copious, I will use shit or damn if I think it completes my sentence and further drives home my point with the intended recipient.

I don’t like socks or pantyhose and will no longer force the lower half of my body to suffer for cosmetic reasons.

I will shamelessly carry my 22 different Coach bags. I work hard. I deserve a damn purse.

I encourage you to join me in my endeavors. Stop doing things just because they say and do them because you say!

That is all.


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