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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud

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As someone who hasn’t read the book (yet, I just got it to read) the movie was amazing. To me, it was one of those move you, deep down in your soul, make you appreciate the things you have, kind of movies. I cried a lot, happy and sad tears but I’m an emotional gal. My husband thought it was okay, he isn’t really into anything that doesn’t involve someone getting drunk, shot, or knocked out so he doesn’t really count. I don’t want to give anything away but know, that you will walk out of the theater happy.

I’ve already started the book and see some major differences. But isn’t that the way of it? That’s what happened with Eclipse. It’s like they (as in Hollywood) think the general American public won’t appreciate the stories that were originally told. Hell, maybe they wouldn’t but if anyone ever wants to make a movie out of my books, they aint ‘changen shit. ;)

Even more noteworthy than the plot was the performance of Zach Effron. Mark my words people, he is the next Johnny Depp. Someone who started as just a pretty face and ended up being this phenomenal actor. I saw him in 17 Again and thought he did a great job in that but this, well…he was Charlie. He has all the makings of the perfect actor. Timing, believability, and a face you would pay money to look at for an hour whether he spoke or not.


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