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Monday, January 25, 2010

Giving up on Fate

I don’t think I believe in fate anymore. In the past, I’ve always been fate’s biggest fan, boasting how you should ‘have a little faith in fate,’ and how ‘things will work out as they should.’ Let’s be honest. That is complete and total crap. Life is what you make it. You can wake up and decided to be happy or you can wake up and decided to be sad. The people that you meet are just that. Random people that you meet. If you choose to bring them into your life then, yes, they will have an affect. But if you look past them, or ignore their pretty words, they will have no bearing on the overall outcome of your life. There is no fate, there are only decisions. Decisions we make everyday that mold our life, attitude, and relationships.

Now, is it just a tad bit ironic that the last book in my series…that I still have to write because I have a contract on it…is called Sarah’s Fate? Does anyone see the humor in that but me? I think I’m going to write something without a happy ending. Where the hero is a complete ass and the heroin gets her heart smudged all over the floor. That would be realistic. But then again, it’s fiction right? As in: not true, could never happen, totally and completely made up. So why not offer people an escape from their fateless, average, ordinary lives and write something where everything ends happy? Where the girl gets the boy and good triumphs over evil and money doesn’t make the world go around and it doesn’t matter if you are pretty because you will be loved for the person you are, not the reflection you cast in the mirror. Yes, that is what I will write. Because, in my heart, that is the way things are. It’s a shame that I am the only one that sees them that way.


  1. I think your decisions impact your life in tremendous ways but I do think some things on a certain level are just meant to be.


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