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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emmy's Heart


I received the cover for the second book in my series yesterday. I love it! It’s really beautiful. Tina at Devine does a really good job with all of them, though. Not just mine.

I wrote something last night while putting the finishing touches on Emmy’s Heart and It moved me. Am I allowed to say that? It just came out. I didn’t think about it or think that I really needed something profound in this scene. That’s how I write though. I start with a chapter by chapter outline (thank you Chris) and then sit down and let the story play out in my head. This can often present problems as my characters tend to do their own thing and do NOT listen to me whatsoever. Anywho here it is:

“A thousand thoughts crossed my mind but none as strong as the thought of Cale. Above all, he was my reason for being. If the rest of the world fell away, along with everyone in it, I would survive if I still had him. But if he fell away, leaving behind the rest of the world, my heart would cease beating and my life would surely be over.”

Okay, it could just be me but, damn! I’ll admit it is a tad more powerful when read in context but clearly I’m not going to tell you what that is. You’ll have to get a copy of the book to find that out. The thing about it is.. I don’t think I love anyone that much. Even my Daddy (And ya’ll, let me tell ya, I love the hell out of my Daddy!) Sometimes, I wonder where the words come from. Another life perhaps where I sacrificed all for the sake of love? I often read what I’ve written and think, wow, I wish I had the nerve to do that or say that. Are all fiction writers like this or am I truly a most uncommon thing? (Well, no one else is going to say it to me, might as well say it to myself!)

~The Maldito Trilogy~
Emmy’s Song: Available through
Emmy’s Heart: 2/15
Sarah’s Fate: Fall 2010


  1. Seems plenty powerful to me. Hmm...i don't think I have anyone like that either. That sort of all encompassing love is rather frowned upon by my practical friends and family.


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