See your scars as proof that you made it…not evidence that you almost didn’t.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am finding myself more and more inspired by Dr. Seuss. Though often silly and mismatched, his words always have a greater purpose, always a meaning in the end. How do you know you like something if you don’t give it a try? In the end, you should always do the right thing.. and so forth and so on. Life, as it turns out, is much like a Dr. Seuss book. Always a deeper meaning that I miss on the surface, always some greater purpose that I can’t seem to find until it’s too late. The thing about life, though, is that you can’t start over. You can’t go back to the first page and read it again if you messed up how many soxs sue has. So what can we do but try like hell to get it right the first time? And the even bigger question is how do we know if we got it right? Barring some major cataclysmic break in the universe, who’s to say if we messed up or if things are just running along according to plan?

I still believe in fate, don’t get me wrong. I’m just questioning her motives lately.


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