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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I have come to realize

Yeah, I’m a little crazy. Whatever.

No one will ever make me go “awwww” with words that they say to me. It’s just not going to happen. I need to let it go.

There are certain desires I have that will never EVER be satisfied.

God sent Maria to me to keep me from diving my car off of the road.

I will never be happy with my hair. I complain when it is short, I complain when it is long.

Even though my eyes are not green or blue, they are pretty.

If you are not an NYT best selling author, you will never get real credit for being an author.

Not everyone is like me, and it’s a damn shame.

It’s better in Bryceville. Sorry, but it is.

When I really love someone, I love them forever. (This sucks, btw)

When I really hate someone, I hate them forever. (This, I’m okay with)

I don’t like candy harts.


  1. Edit: Shortly after posting this, someone made me go awwwwww. See, there is hope.


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