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Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's my first try at a book trailer. Yeah, harder than I thought!=)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Giving up on Fate

I don’t think I believe in fate anymore. In the past, I’ve always been fate’s biggest fan, boasting how you should ‘have a little faith in fate,’ and how ‘things will work out as they should.’ Let’s be honest. That is complete and total crap. Life is what you make it. You can wake up and decided to be happy or you can wake up and decided to be sad. The people that you meet are just that. Random people that you meet. If you choose to bring them into your life then, yes, they will have an affect. But if you look past them, or ignore their pretty words, they will have no bearing on the overall outcome of your life. There is no fate, there are only decisions. Decisions we make everyday that mold our life, attitude, and relationships.

Now, is it just a tad bit ironic that the last book in my series…that I still have to write because I have a contract on it…is called Sarah’s Fate? Does anyone see the humor in that but me? I think I’m going to write something without a happy ending. Where the hero is a complete ass and the heroin gets her heart smudged all over the floor. That would be realistic. But then again, it’s fiction right? As in: not true, could never happen, totally and completely made up. So why not offer people an escape from their fateless, average, ordinary lives and write something where everything ends happy? Where the girl gets the boy and good triumphs over evil and money doesn’t make the world go around and it doesn’t matter if you are pretty because you will be loved for the person you are, not the reflection you cast in the mirror. Yes, that is what I will write. Because, in my heart, that is the way things are. It’s a shame that I am the only one that sees them that way.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Youth is Wasted on the Young

Youth is wasted on the young. I used to get so aggravated when I heard this comment. How absurd. Why would anyone think that, there is a time to be young and a time to be old. Now that I’m not ‘young’ anymore, the truth behind these words is all too clear.

I can see both sides of the spectrum though; I remember what it was like to be young. I’m not one of those adults that will preach at kids/teens on the things they need to do and accomplish. But even if for one week, to be young again and have the concerns/worries that they do vs. the concerns/worries that I do, my heart would be a little lighter. The term I mention above refers to ones ability to take advantage of your current situation as most kids/teens do not. Someone is paying the bills for you, you have the opportunity to absorb all of the knowledge you can get your hands on, and you have yet to need to be concerned for anyone but yourself. OH.MY.GOD. Do you have any idea how good that sounds to me right now? If I could be in school, if I could have someone paying the bills for me, if I didn’t have to wake up and go to sleep worrying about the wellbeing of this six-year-old, wow. The things I could accomplish.

While youth isn’t literally wasted on the young, they deserve their chance to be that way; it is wasted on the unappreciative. Take advantage, pay attention, and have some fun, kids. It’s a whole different ballgame when you’re ‘old.’
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emmy's Heart


I received the cover for the second book in my series yesterday. I love it! It’s really beautiful. Tina at Devine does a really good job with all of them, though. Not just mine.

I wrote something last night while putting the finishing touches on Emmy’s Heart and It moved me. Am I allowed to say that? It just came out. I didn’t think about it or think that I really needed something profound in this scene. That’s how I write though. I start with a chapter by chapter outline (thank you Chris) and then sit down and let the story play out in my head. This can often present problems as my characters tend to do their own thing and do NOT listen to me whatsoever. Anywho here it is:

“A thousand thoughts crossed my mind but none as strong as the thought of Cale. Above all, he was my reason for being. If the rest of the world fell away, along with everyone in it, I would survive if I still had him. But if he fell away, leaving behind the rest of the world, my heart would cease beating and my life would surely be over.”

Okay, it could just be me but, damn! I’ll admit it is a tad more powerful when read in context but clearly I’m not going to tell you what that is. You’ll have to get a copy of the book to find that out. The thing about it is.. I don’t think I love anyone that much. Even my Daddy (And ya’ll, let me tell ya, I love the hell out of my Daddy!) Sometimes, I wonder where the words come from. Another life perhaps where I sacrificed all for the sake of love? I often read what I’ve written and think, wow, I wish I had the nerve to do that or say that. Are all fiction writers like this or am I truly a most uncommon thing? (Well, no one else is going to say it to me, might as well say it to myself!)

~The Maldito Trilogy~
Emmy’s Song: Available through
Emmy’s Heart: 2/15
Sarah’s Fate: Fall 2010
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