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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Job

You know how you can see something coming and just know it’s going to be awful? Like, life-alteringly (which is apparently not a word but fits here so it’s staying) awful. Yeah, that’s where I am. I can see it coming, and no one else cares. And do you know why dear random blog follower that I know not of? Because I am the only one whose life will be altered. Okay, I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about.

Here’s the skinny:

I work with a group of folks that respond to bids and proposals for a LARGE staffing company. We work on more than 1,000 efforts a year. I am the coordinator of said group. As you can imagine, some of those proposals have to be printed. When I first started with this crew six years ago, that was in no shape, form, or fashion my job. I would help out, but the proposal writer was responsible for it. To our extreme advantage, an outside printer just happened to be on the 1st floor of our building and they did most of the hard shit (cutting the covers down, laminating, making the tabs, actually printing the thing out) and then we would collate, bind, and send it on its way. Over the years, as people have come and gone, I have somehow managed to become responsible for all of that and I was trying to take that in stride UNTIL we were recently bought out and have been told we are moving across town. HOLY SHIT! Does no one else see the issue here? Now we are going to have to share printers with everyone else and SOMEONE will have to do all the hard shit (see above) and I can already see people looking my way. I’ve never been one to throw out the ‘that’s not my job’ bit. I hate that. But I cannot convey to you the impact all of this is having on my life. The move alone is going to add an hour to my day (drive time), the insurance went up almost $200 a month AND we are going from an every other week pay to a twice a month pay, thereby getting rid of that ‘extra’ paycheck we have. Our director also informed us that our little crew that used to be 7 people tops may climb to close to 30! 30! Are you freaking kidding me? And you want me to what? For WHAT? At some point, you have to step back and ask yourself, is this worth it? Is it worth it to get home at seven every night, dead, pissed at the world? Is it worth it to have people take advantage of you over and over? Is it worth it to work for a company six years and still be hourly when everyone else around you is salary? I don’t have a degree but I’ve been a sales coordinator in some fashion for 11 years. I’m good at it. I don’t know…am I overreacting? Am I freaking out for nothing? I welcome advice from other corporate employed type folk. The REAL solution here would be for all ya’ll to just buy my damn books and me make enough money doing that to stay home and finish FireFlys and get a book deal. Hey, a girl can dream.
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